Welcome to UI Patterns’s documentation

The UI Patterns module allows developers to define self-contained UI patterns as Drupal plugins and use them seamlessly in their panels, field groups or Display Suite view modes.

The module also generates a pattern library page to be used as documentation for content editors or as a showcase for business like the one shown below:


Project overview

The UI Patterns project provides 3 modules:

  • UI Patterns (machine name ui_patterns): the main module that defines the UI Pattern plugin type and integrates defined patterns with Drupal’s theme system.
  • UI Patterns Field Group (machine name ui_patterns_field_group): allows to use patterns to format field groups provided by the Field group module.
  • UI Patterns Layouts (machine name ui_patterns_layouts): allows to use patterns as layouts provided by the Layout plugin module. This allows patterns to be used on Display Suite view modes or on panels out of the box.