Welcome to UI Patterns’ documentation

The UI Patterns module allows developers to define self-contained UI patterns as Drupal plugins and use them seamlessly in their panels, field groups or Display Suite view modes.

The module also generates a pattern library page to be used as documentation for content editors or as a showcase for business like the one shown below:


Project overview

The UI Patterns project provides 5 modules:

  • UI Patterns: the main module, its purpose is to expose patterns to the Drupal rendering system and provide a pattern library overview page, available at /patterns.
  • UI Patterns Field Group: allows to use patterns to format field groups provided by the Field group module.
  • UI Patterns Layouts: allows to use patterns as layouts provided by the Layout plugin module. This allows patterns to be used on Display Suite view modes or on panels out of the box.
  • UI Patterns Display Suite: allows to use patterns to format Display Suite field templates.
  • UI Patterns Views: allows to use patterns as Views row templates.

By the way plugin definitions are handled the UI Patterns module also integrated with with tools like PatternLab or modules like Component Libraries.